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ABBA are  known as one of the most successful acts in the history of popular music.


Charlotte (Agnetha) and Katie (Frida) provide a live show, which choreographs and vocally impersonates the ABBA girls. This fantastic show is self-contained, providing, dazzling lights, several costume changes, exact dance routines, and live vocals, leading  you to believe Frieda, and Agentha are really on your stage!!


This outstanding duo covers all of ABBA’s hit songs from the start of their successful career, performing Waterloo, from the Eurovision song contest, to many of their other hits songs, such as Dancing Queen, Mamma Mia, and Gimme Gimme Gimme (a man after midnight).


This amazing show is fast paced, visually exhilarating and is unbeaten entertainment value. The show is designed, so that the audience can either watch, or dance the night away to their favourite ABBA hit songs.  It can also be adapted to any length of time up to an hour and a half, and is suitable for any type of venue, or age group. It also comes with professional sound engineer and P.A equipment.


This fantastic show takes ABBA’s portrayal and creates a stunning theatrical concert that will leave you shouting: “Thank you for the music?"


Costumes: - white tunic dresses with gold trimming (from Gimme a Man after midnight/ABBA on tour),

multi-coloured full length capes (from ABBA on tour), white kimonos with 70's platform boots (from ABBA on tour),

Agnetha wears blue bell bottom trousers with matching blue cropped jacket with silver boots (from Waterloo/The Eurovision song contest),

Frida wears the cream blouse trimmed with a terrocotta material with the matching long skirt (from Waterloo/The Eurovision song contest),

Agentha wears red silk high waisted shorts with matching red cropped top with silver boots (from Honey Honey/Live performances),

Frida wears the leopard full length cat suit (from Honey Honey/Live performance).

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